Who are we?

The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers was founded in 1997 as a professional, non-profit and non-political organisation. The Association has had a status of public interest association since 2007. Since its establishment it has been dedicated to creating linkages and support for LSP teacher professionals in their continuous professional development, as well as developing LSP courses/materials and introducing novel didactical approaches with a view to improving the quality of LSP teaching and learning.

The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers is accomplishing these goals by:

– organising regular meetings where LSP professionals come together to exchange knowledge, examples of “good practice” and experience;

– providing lifelong education for its members in the area of LSP didactics, computer assisted LSP teaching and methodological knowledge in order to upskill LSP professionals’ didactical, digital and research competences and ensure the highest quality of LSP teaching;

– promoting LSP research by supporting research group projects, providing a scholarship scheme to its members, offering regular opportunities to present research results at local and international conferences organised by the Association, and by publishing contributions in the publications of the Association;

– creating terminology glossaries and developing Slovene professional lexis for a variety of areas of knowledge, activity, and interest;

– liaising with key partners in Slovenia, namely universities, higher educational institutions and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, especially in the hope of influencing and creating educational language policies and LSP teaching policy;

– networking with similar language associations in Slovenia and abroad.

Board of Administration
Saša Podgoršek – Chair
Polona Vičič – Secretary General
Alenka Plos – Trasurer
Mateja Dostal – Head of the Editorial Board of Inter Alia
Nataša Gajšt – Editor of SDUTSJ Novičke
Šarolta Godnič Vičič – Editor of Scripta Manent
Nives Lenassi – Head of the Programme Committee of the 2nd International Conference of SDUTSJ 2020

Advisory Board
Maja Budeč
Slavica Čepon
Lars Felgner
Mojca Jarc
Violeta Jurkovič
Brigita Kacjan
Vita Kilar
Darja Mertelj
Polona Svetlin Gvardjančič
Vida Zorko

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