Special interest groups

LSP Teaching Development Team 

The LSP Teaching Development Team has evolved from the eLearning Group and has been operating under this name since 2020. The current members of the group are Vita Kilar, Katja Kranjec, Nives Lenassi, Darja Mertelj, Sara Orthaber, Alenka Plos, Tilen Smajla, Šarolta Godnič Vičič, Polona Vičič, and Saša Podgoršek (head). The group’s mission is primarily to provide for the all-round professional development and lifelong learning of the members of the Association in the areas of teaching, design of curricula and materials, use of technology, and assessment. The group follows the development trends of the profession and works closely with national and internationally renowned experts. 

Foreign Language Policy Design Team

The Team operated from 2009 to 2013, headed by Violeta Jurkovič. In cooperation with the colleagues from the Slovene Association of Teachers of the German Language, the Team prepared an initiative to develop a coherent foreign language policy at all levels of education. The initiative was sent to the policy- and decision-makers in Slovenia (i.e. the National Education Institute, Universities, the authors of the White Paper on Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education and Sport). You can find the full text of the initiative here.

The article International Positioning of Foreign Language Teaching and Research in the Slovene Higher Education Area provides a comprehensive overview of the research of foreign languages in the field of Higher education in Slovenia and places it in the context of international trends: Darja Mertelj, Šarolta Godnič Vičič, Violeta Jurkovič, Mateja Dostal, Dubravka Celinšek, Saša Podgoršek (2016): http://www.cmepius.si/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Monografija_splet.pdf